10 Corporate Event Planner Interview Questions To Make You Stand Out

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If you’re new to the game of event planning, then you might find some corporate event planner interview questions a little intimidating. They are tough and it can be tempting to not prepare at all. However, with a little preparation and some practical advice you can have a better and more exciting corporate event.

Know your limitations and know your strengths. The job description for a corporate event planner will often include being able to promote a company event or exhibit by yourself, finding sponsors, doing the promotion of the company event itself, and organizing logistics such as arranging transportation, parking and catering. Being a good planner means being skilled in all of these different areas.

Prioritize your questions. Most applicants have very similar questions and are often given the same question or questions in order to narrow down their search. Girls Trips Event’s Be selective and get your interview questions a little more specific. That way you will be guaranteed to do well.

Ask questions and be prepared. The best corporate event planner interview questions aren’t written down. The better questions that are asked are those that you’ll be ready for.

You might want to do a draft of your personal statement prior to your interview. You’ll want to have some sort of general idea of who you are and what you hope to achieve in this role. Some people try to build up their CV by taking part in interviews. The most important thing is to be direct about your skills and achievements and help give your employer an idea of who you are.

Talk about the interviewer’s vision for the future. Being interviewed is something that will be remembered for years to come. Your interviewer will want to ask you about the vision they have for the future of the company. You will want to tell them about the challenges that you believe exist but also the opportunities that you think are open for you. It’s important to get to the heart of the matter rather than just provide a general overview.

Think about your business case. Many corporate event planner interview questions are designed to show your ability to achieve goals by following a blueprint. The best questions are ones that don’t always require you to follow a plan or blueprint. For example, you may be asked how you’re going to manage a dinner party which includes the choices of food, wine and drinks.

Ask for feedback. Get feedback from friends, colleagues and fellow event planners. They may have some invaluable tips for you to use during your interview process.

Know when to leave. You want to give an interview that is as positive as possible. It’s OK to give up a few minutes to ask your interviewer a question.

Choose the right venue. When choosing the venue, remember the competition. Competition for corporate event planning jobs can be fierce. Ensure that you select a venue that will help give you a good start.

When interviewing for a position as a corporate event planner, it’s important to be prepared. The interview is where you will be asked some of the most difficult questions. The answers you give can make or break your chances of being hired.